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Monday, June 1, 2009

Small(sm) Architecture Summer Festivals...

We've been invited to take part in two events this summer. The first one, titled Syn_athr(0)isis}, which is a part of the Synch Festival, will take place later this month in Athens, where we'll be exhibiting a CNC milled version of the Finger Run design. Tom's also going to be giving a presentation, as well as partake in a round-table discussion with a number of illustrious colleagues (list included below), at this event on June 15th.

We've also recently submitted material for the Visions - Beyond Media International Festival for Architecture taking place in Florence this July. We were invited to this event by the London based nous Gallery, who specialize in exhibiting more polemic and experimental, usually computing based, architectural work. For images of our last year's exhibition at the nous gallery click here.

More about these, and perhaps a few other, events in future blog submissions...

(This is a slightly abbreviated version of a submission included originally in the Kuwait School blog)

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