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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Responsive Acoustic Surfacing Cluster - Smart Geometry 2011, Copenhagen...

A (probably) final submission about a cluster from the latest Smart Geometry event, this time from a very interesting cluster titled Responsive Acoustic Surfacing, championed by Mark Burry, Jane Burry, Alexander Pena de Leon and Daniel Davis from SIAL at RMIT... Its introductory outline is included below:

This cluster aims to develop and evaluate a new generation of parametric tools that embed emergent behavior within parametric models. Swarming, Flocking, Cellular Automata, Genetic Algorithms and Dynamic Relaxation are examples of emergent tools that synthesise data-sets into solutions. In this cluster we will explore sound datascapes in order to investigate how surfaces with variable resonators can be used to reduce particular frequencies of sound in response to shifts within a particular soundscape.

After qualitatively and quantitatively measuring the sound and environmental conditions of selected situations, participants of this cluster will use emergent-parametric tools to search for doubly ruled surfaced forms that accentuate certain frequencies of sound and muffle others. The variable tunable Helmholz resonator is one example of how this can be achieved in association with the design of the surfaces. The emergent nature of our parametric tools allows them to synthesise acoustical analysis by setting up a real-time feedback loop between the data from the parametric model, and the analysis provided by acoustical analysis software: ODEON. The resulting designs will be prototyped at 1:5 using the hot-wire cutter, constraining the geometry to doubly ruled surfaces (the same vocabulary Gaudí used in his later years) and allows for the analysis of the parametric models’ accuracy. The resulting data including acoustic properties, aesthetics, material and manufacturing constraints, is then fed back into the parametric model to improve the next generation of prototypes.

The back of the 1:1 wall...

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