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Sunday, October 6, 2013

National Museum of History & Art, Luxembourg...

A few (quick iPhone) photos of the National Museum of History and Art in Luxembourg, a place I've walked by a number of times during previous visits, but only recently had a chance to inspect in more detail (beyond their coffee-shop)... 

Interestingly, one enters the ten floor establishment on the fifth floor, which is located at the end of an extended ground level plinth. The five floors below the ground level are thus carved out of the rock that forms the defining foundations of this topographically challenging city (it has a huge, deep, valley that splits the city in two)... The top five floors are contained by the above monolith. The below ground level (basement?) floors are housed within a glass encased set of spaces, located within a stone funnel, of sorts, that reveals the various geological stratums of the city, as well as the adjacent catacombs that seem to snake around and below this ancient city. The intent is to begin ones walkabout at the bottom floor, and gradually make ones way upwards, from the more ancient levels of Luxembourg exhibited at the lowermost level towards more contemporary endeavors at the top. The final level, five floors above the ground level, exhibits contemporary and current works of art. 

For more 'formal' images of the building click here

The building was designed by Christian Bauer Associates, a Luxembourg based architectural practice. 

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