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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


A few years back whilst still in London we did a project titled 'Architure' - a portmanteau of the words, Architecture and Furniture. The project included a set of sketches and watercolors of a set of designs that we're conceived for artifacts in the scale of furniture, but using the means and language of architecture (in miniature) in their realization. Many of the pieces were designed to be made through various additive fabrication (3D Printing) technologies utilizing the meat & bone technique (using the default support materials and methods that accompany many of the main related technologies as components in the final design). The included piece was made using miniature architectural elements intended for making (very detailed) replica dollhouses. The design in the photos included the use of materials such as miniature red-bricks, lead, brass, concrete, steel, MDF, and tar. 

Unfortunately the included piece has been lost. Neither have we been able to locate any of the accompanying watercolors that also were shown in the below exhibition.

The design was realized in collaboration with Paul Brady of our sister-company Independent Architects (who was kind enough to dig through, and find, the images included in this blog-submission), and Miguel Turrao, who mainly built the piece below...  

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