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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Weathered Tower...

The Weathered Tower
Made of 3D printed white ABS; green, blue and black paint; base of CNC milled travertine and mastic. 

It's been estimated that the average age of a building in the Gulf region is 5 years, and the average lifespan of a building is 20 years.
 The design acknowledges the need for select nodes of seeming permanence in a perpetually changing world. The tower, which stands on an unspecified rock in an undetermined desert within the GCC, would act as a 'filter' of the subtly abrasive but unrelenting dust and sand present at the setting, which would permeate and transcend through its ribbed torso, a slow and extended performance that would gradually begin to weather and wear off the tower's various stratum of paint, layer by layer, revealing the green below the black, blue below the green, and the white core below the blue. This process would take years, decades, to complete. The layers would reveal themselves unevenly, dependent on the whims of the prevalent winds and its changing environs. In time the tower would reflect - celebrate - its age, and in its ever morphing/ amended presence, become a connective link between generations...

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