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Monday, December 8, 2008

Syncretic Exhibit Work - Continued II...

A few more examples of work from the exhibition...

A set of salt blocks (usually used to soften water) which have been manipulated in different ways (water or ink drips and soaks, sand-blasting, laser, melting tar, to mention a few) into their final form.

SaltWorks - Red

SaltWorks - Tar

SaltWorks - White

SaltWorks - Black & Yellow

A design which used a haptic interface (a SensAble device - which allows one to 'feel' the object displayed on the computer screen) in its realization.

Initially inspired by studies of various roundabouts and intersections found on Google Earth, the piece explores the various layers of touch and the act of exploring something through the sense of touch.

The design, which is 'read' by moving ones arm in a circular motion across the design's two adjacent panels, is also experienced through the fingertips, fingerss, palm, forearm and arm, for which various textures and overlapping routes are provided.

The final piece was made through Stereolithography, a form of three-dimensional printing, using two different resins for each half of the Finger-Run design.

...And a few close-up details of the design's various textures, made through the sense of touch for the sense of touch, and all through fully digitized means...

The pieces in this posting have previously been exhibited at the nous Gallery in London (April-May 2008).

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