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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Syncretic Exhibition at the La fontaine Gallery, Manama, Bahrain

We recently had our largest solo exhibition to date take place at the La fontaine Arts Centre in Manama, Bahrain. The location of the event, La fontaine, is certainly worht a visit in its own right, with its periphery defined by tall terra-cotta walls surrounding two large courtyards in which the latter one contains the large fountain from which the centre's name is derived.

The opening night consisted of a presentation by Maysaa, Paul and me, which took place in the smaller courtyard outside the 'L' shaped gallery wings. We projected images and animations onto the cylindrical wall above the gallery entrance, something that worked suprisingly well as the wall didn't distort the images too much and provided the presentation with a nice backdrop. This was followed by a wonderful musical performance by the Theatre de La Ville, Paris, who played a selection of traditional Persian tunes.

The work was very well received. The term (for better of worse) 'avant-garde' was used repeatedly, something we took as a compliment...

The evening concluded with a dinner in the fountain courtyard, accompanied by saturated discussions about the position and role of art, architecture and design in the region, Formula 1, and the extensive dessert table...

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