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Sunday, January 8, 2012

F - For Faculty Exhibition at VCUQ, Qatar...

 Benjamin Jurgensen's Walking Scan, 2011 (MDF, linen, acrylic, ABS, printed vinyl)

A few images, shown in no particular order, from the, still ongoing, F for Faculty exhibition here at VCUQ... 

I'm also showing some work in the exhibition, but which I'll talk/ show more about in a future blog submission... 

The exhibition ends on January 21, 2012... 

Jordan Gushwa's Untitled, 2011 (Photography, large scale inkjet print) 

Jesse Paine's Ismil Azzam, 2011 (Graphite & varnish on paper, mounted on panel) 

Donald Early's Ask, 2010 (Oil on canvas) 

Don Crow's Chair Six/ Chair Seven, 2011 (Laser engraved acrylic on board) 

Ruth Bolduan's Lanscape with Red Bush, 2009/ Sealine, 2011/ Abandoned Village, 2011/ Monterey Bay, 2011 (Oil on canvas) 

Roman Turczyn's Ochre Wall, Blue Door, 2011 (Watercolor) 

 Leland Hill's Six and Six, 2011 (Gouache and stencil on canvas)

Michael Hersrud's Space Ship: Earth One, 2011 (Digital print and giclee paint) 

Simone Muscolino's Moving Postcards 2004-2011 (Multimedia). Here one has to insert one of the cardboard postcard into the slot in the pedestal to initiate a short film about the images featured on the cards... 

 Sarah Lauck's Untitled, 2011 (Video). See it by clicking here... 

Muneera Umedaly-Spence's Small Simple Drawings, 2010-2011 (Graphite and permanent marker on wood) 

River Montijo's Genetic Enhancement No. 1 Monkey Hatrack, 2011 (Papier mache) 

 Rhys Himsworth's Avatar 2, 2001 (Duotoned lithograph)

Della Reams' (Arabic monograph by Maryam Althani, table by Johan Granberg), Maryam Dress, 2011 (Digital surface design machine knitted and sewn) 

Peter Martin's Inquire of Me, 2011 (Lego bricks) 

Maja Kinnemark's Hi, I'm UFO. would you like to take me home? Work in progress (MDF, fabric, upholstery)

The outside view of the gallery

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