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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stackable Bowl&Tray Interrupted...

An additional design submission from the Interrupted Design series, where the FDM fabrication process is intentionally interrupted mid-build to reveal the inner support structures, a feature that consequently becomes a key characteristic of the final design... The stackable bowls and trays have all their particular, often quite subtle, variations in function, use and execution, a list of which is included below... The connection point of the bowls and trays are uniform, and can be stacked in any sequence desired... 

 Shallow Bowl - with a removable partition

Thin Tray/ Lid - with a large perforated top (good for draining or cooling food on top) 

 Deep Bowl - same digital model as the bowl above, only here the fabrication process was allowed to proceed further 

Thick Lid/ Tray - same as the lid above, only here with a thicker, more insulated, base

Sushi Plate - with concavities for soya sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger (along with an area for sushi or sashimi pieces) 

Tray/ Cover for the Sushi Plate - with its own central pedestal for any more celebratory pieces

Spout Bowl - a bowl with a small spout 

 Ring Tray/ Cover/ Plate - with a wide perforated ring, allowing both the display of fine food on top of the surface as well as within it

Grind Bowl - here the bowl build was 'completed' but, in post-production, selectively ground-down to (re)reveal the inner grid

Plan view of the Grind Bowl 

The Sushi Plate and Tray/ Cover

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azhar said...

An intriguing series of objects! very nice.