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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dubai Design Day 2012 - VCUQ MFA.DESIGN. Stand...

A few images from our stand at the recently concluded Design Days Dubai. The event was tremendously enjoyable (despite the countless hours one ended up spending on one's feet) and the work was very well received. The displays included original work, much of it produced specifically for the event, by the MFA.DESIGN. Departments faculty and students. 

Already looking forward to next year's event... 

 Top, above and below: The Sadu String Cabinet, in which it's interior is accessed through separating the Sadu threads (see below) with ones hands...

 The shadow of the Sadu String Cabinet 

 Paolo Cadini's Middlefield Foosball Table, with its regional theme

 Close up of the Middlefield Foosball table

 Above and Below: Ben Jurgensen's tissue holders

 Above and Below: The Henna Table (with real henna) by the Boyms (Constantin & Lauren Boym)

 Above and Below: Chairs by the Boyms

 Glass piece by Corby Elford

Glass pieces by Sameh Ibrahim and Alia Khairat 

 The MFA.DESIGN. stand at Design Days Dubai

Exterior view of the Dubai Design Days venue (Burj khalifa is just adjacent, behind from where this photo was taken)

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