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Monday, March 19, 2012

Fuglies - Fun + Ugly Designs...

Some photos of Fuglies - fun but ugly - designs, made to fill some 'me' time whilst participating with our MFA students in a workshop at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. The workshop materials included the used canned or already shaped, foams, as well as a form of casting resin/ wax (name of which I forgot) made famous by Jerzy Seymour, the head of the Dirty Art Department at the Sandberg. 

The results are not much to look at, but the resulting artifacts do, to me, reflect the somewhat, call it, 'spurious joy' of making them. They're the true products of homo ludens (man of play), and that's absolutely ok in my book (sometimes)... 

 Top and above: A small foam and resin fruit-bowl/ tray

 Detail of the above fruit-bowl/ tray

A larger version of the foam and resin contraption

 Above and below: a few resin bracelets 

 A small resin bowl

 Resin artifacts

Above and below: The pot in which the resin was heated 

 A torus shape made with 'foam from a can'

A small bowl made using 'foam in a can' 

 The bottom (cake side) of the above bowl

A larger 'foam in a can' bowl 

The tools involved in making 'Foam in a Can' artifacts

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