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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Float Furniture...

Continuing the stream of though of the previous blog-submission, the Float Storage unit and Chair use similar (UV) bonding techniques as the Pourpour does, only in this instance to attach wood and metal elements to sheets of glass.

The Float Store is a storage unit which uses 'off the shelf' aluminium profiles which are attached between two sheets of chemically strengthened glass. Even though the layout of the aluminium profiles might seem random, their placement has an underlying purpose, and is based on the size and preferred access heights of various domestic products, such as books, CD's or DVD's...

The Float Chair is based on the same principles as the Float Store, only in this instance instead of using aluminium profiles the chair has wood beams spanning between its flanking glass sheets. If you look carefully you can see that the profiles of the glass sheets are cut with the top slightly curved. This allows the chair to be used in two ways - as a 'regular' chair with its floor side profile flat (as in the image below), or, if turned 180 degrees, as a rocking chair, as the slightly curving glass sheet profiles are now on the floor side. The 'S' shape of the back also makes this possible.
These prototypes were again made with the assistance of i-Glass.

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