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Friday, January 16, 2009

Pourpour:ing... :

From one of our larger to one to our smaller designs...

The Pourpour is a glass condiment dispenser with two opposing perpendicular chambers which are angled in such a way that when one is poured, the other one, even though open, doesn't leak.
It can be used for various matching condiments, such as salt & pepper; white & brown sugar; flour & arsenic, to mention a few... We made the design a few years back in collaboration with a London based glass fabricator, i-Glass.

The name of the design can be interpreted in different ways. One rendition uses 'Frenglish' as in 'for pouring' - a somewhat stretched effort, so perhaps the more viable description is the one where a 'pour' is applied once for each of the design's chambers, thus 'Pourpour' (as in, if the design had three chambers it would be called 'Pourpourpour').

It was a fun project to do, as viable results are produced on a much quicker time-scale than in architecture, and it would be great to get involved in similar projects in the future...

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